Friday, February 18, 2011

Reno - 4 months

The difference between 3 and 4 months is amazing. This guy has really become such a little person. We didn't meet up with Andy this month, but I'm sure you can imagine how tiny he is compared to Mr. Reno.

Bathroom floor kick time!!

Wearing a rodeo onesie and

surrounded by his little soft horses.

A little "cribber" already. I'd better get that bumper pad up!

Wearin' stripes and behind bars!!

He looks like he's in jail and I guess he kind of is. His bed is the safest place for him.

4 Month Stats
Weight - 13#6 oz (20th percentile)
Height - 25 in (54th percentile)
Head - 16 in (13th percentile)

Reno you are learning so many things. This month you've really found your voice and love to talk and squeal. You will talk to most anyone, but especially sister. I wonder what you are telling her? Oh well, I guess we'll know soon enough. You've also started to laugh. Like I mean really "he-haw". You are very ticklish and that will usually really get a laugh out of you. I used to call Scout's laugh like this her "fat-girl laugh".

You started spitting and drooling big time this month. You're hands are working much better for you and you even grab my hand and try to get it in your mouth. Uh-oh, we'll need to go through Scout's tiny toys soon. You are taking a pacifier fairly well, but also suck your thumb, two fingers, or whatever you can get in your mouth. I wish you'd make your mind up and I hope it isn't the thumb.

Kicking has been your thing for awhile now, but you can almost roll over. I don't think you realize you can or know what you're doing. Each time you roll over, you roll right back to your back as soon as you hit your tummy. A few days ago Scout says, "Mama, I'm teaching Reno to roll over." She had you on the floor pretty much rolling you like a ball. You've started rolling to your side to sleep.

Reno you are becoming such a people person. You are happiest if you are being held. You also have a pretty hot temper. Not surprising of course since the Smiths and Creamers are so hot headed. Ha ha....We know who really has a hot temper! At your 4 month well check yesterday you got your feelings hurt when the PA looked down your throat. That upset you more than the four shots you got.

It's funny to me how a 4 month old can seem so manly. You wouldn't think baby boys and girls would be that different. Reno you are all BOY. Your little legs are scrawny but already look like boy legs. Funny!!

You are a joy!! We love you.

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Kait said...

He's SOO big! I can't believe how much he has changed in 2 months!