Saturday, February 5, 2011

Next Monday

The idea of Meatless Mondays (or any other day) pretty much makes me ill. I'd like to know in dollars what sort of damage Oprah and her friends have caused to the beef industry. I will be the first to say that I'm not super knowledgeable in the specifics of this stuff, but I do know the bottom line. These people need to get a clue (nicely put, huh?).

Here's my idea. Let's share beef recipes on Mondays. Oprah has the right to suggest everyone not eat meat, so I'd like to encourage my friends who eat meat (better be everyone) to share some of their yummy recipes on Mondays. I know that it's reality that we eat fish and chicken also, but I'd really like to start out with BEEF recipes. Maybe if it goes well we will declare a certain Monday fish or chicken.

I can't decide what we should call it. Lots of you are so clever, so help me out here. Here goes with my ideas. Instead of having a Beautiful Monday we could have a "BEEF-it-full Monday". Of course there is also the option of "MeatFULL Mondays". Please comment and give me ideas.

I'm going to try to rig up one of those Linky things for those of you who have blogs. Not sure I can figure that out, so may need your help there too. If you don't have a blog I guess you can leave your recipe under comments (not now, on Monday).

Like how I used blood red just like red meat? I'm such a conscious eater, I know!

I think these pics of Scout and Riley on the feed truck at the FEEDYARD are pretty fitting.

So don't forget your homework.
a) Help me come up with the perfect name.
b) Help me with the linky stuff if you can.
c) Ask all your friends to participate (hopefully you have
d) Be thinking of your favorite BEEF recipe and post it on Monday or link to a recipe you have posted sometime in the past.

Please participate, if Oprah can start some kind of movement surely we can too!

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