Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reno - 3 months

I can't believe you are already 3 months old. You have changed so much and continue to every day. You love, love your sister. She is great entertainment for anyone, but you especially love to watch what she's up to. You smile and talk to her constantly. You actually smile and talk to anyone that will pay you some attention. The other night you put on such a show for Gigi and Papaw. You even started the "fake cough" thing.

You are trying soo hard to roll over. You push with you legs and sort of jump and twist. Each night we would lay Scout on her tummy and beg her to roll over. Nothing....she wasn't interested at all. We might be begging you not to.

Now you sleep in your crib in your own room. I finally realized that it was just around the corner and probably only 3 steps further than the pack-n-play you were sleeping in. You have done great and almost always sleep all night.

Every afternoon when Scout goes down for a nap, your eyes pop open. It's like you want me all to yourself for awhile. That's fine by me!!

The hair....well it just stands up. I thinks it's pretty cute myself.


Tyler, Kristin and Bronc said...

Reno is getting so big!! How cute!!

*ajt* said...

He is so stinking cute!!