Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Off to work...

The other evening Reno and I are in his room. Scout marches in......

gives me a hug and kiss, tells me she is off to Brad's to work, and that she'll be back. (Ya think she's been told that a couple of times?)

I promise I don't take this many purses, a basket full of food, or for sure don't wear my footed pjs with high heels. Ok, ok, only sometimes!! lol

Out of the little leather purse she pulls, who other than Pink Panther. "Here's my friend" she says. Long story short, pretty much any balloon she's ever had she calls Pink Panther. She leads him around, ties him up on door knobs, etc.

Her latest thing has been "Can you say _____ (she inserts whatever word she wants)?" Most the time she isn't even saying the word correctly. The other night at the supper table Riley burps. "Can you say excuse me?" she asks.

Oh, by the way, the little man giggled at his dad. How is it that they never laugh at Mama first or say "mama" before "dada"? It's pretty sweet whoever it's at!!

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