Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We have a new dog, named.....well he doesn't even have a name yet. Scout usually loves naming her cats all sorts of weird names. When we ask her about the puppy she says, "he's just a puppy". I'm thinking "puppy" isn't going to work, especially since it isn't easy to holler.

He's awfully photogenic. Are all dogs photogenic? Maybe he just likes to have his picture made like Miss Scout. Oh, so are you wondering what LOCK is all about yet?

Riley got this guy from Kyle Dillard at Milnesand, NM. He's in the business so if you ever need a good dog just let us know and we'll get you his info. We also got Tug from him, and Gus, the other good one that disappeared, and Slim, who ate rat poison and died. Ok, ok I'll stop. We love em just don't always have good luck since they are working dogs, not just pets.

So Riley meets Kyle in Portales to pick up the pup. Afterward he gets gas and runs in Stripes to get a coke. When he returns guess what sweet little pup has done? Yep locked him out of the pickup. My vote for a name, is LOCK.

Tug & Lock meeting for the first time.

Scout loves her some puppy until he tastes her face or gets her down on the ground like he already has and then she gets the golf club (toy plastic) after him.


Me.. said...

I WANT him!!!!! (the puppy)

ArturoandWrenn said...

Hi Tori!
I too think we have alot in common. I am looking forward to following you and your BEAUTIFUL family!

Have a great day!