Friday, October 1, 2010

Gigi's New Ride

So we shipped cattle at Stinnett yesterday. We do this same thing every year around the last weekend in September. Gigi usually drives the pickup along, but this year she was out there in the middle of everything on her new Ranger. Scout and I slept in and pretty much missed all the excitement, but Riley said she really gave 'em heck.

Scout had rather play on the hood.....

or swing on the roll-bar!

She'd really just rather be doing whatever her *Dad is doing.

I got all excited because I thought I killed this rattlesnake when I ran over it. Come to find out Bob had already run over it as well.

Papaw and Scout played on the Ranger trailer while Gigi and I shopped (you'll see).

I call myself a "junker", but I don't even compare to this lady. We'd just killed that rattlesnake yet she was all about tromping through tall weeds to get to this abandoned house that was so full of stuff you couldn't see the floor. I was afraid there might be a den of snakes or who knows what. She only fell flat on her face once, luckily she wasn't hurt. See the cool screens she dug out for me.

I found this lamp shade frame all by myself. You're so welcome for the belly shot (36 weeks).

*Scout is big on the Dad and Mom thing right now. She'll ask, "Where'd my Mom go?" or "I wost (lost) my Dad."

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Kait said...

Yay for the belly shot! So cute!