Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"He Taste My Face"

This past weekend we went to a little ranch rodeo in Channing. Our friend Jessica was there with her blue heeler puppy "Dually". Scout had a big time playing with him. Jessica told us how Rodey instructed her not to let the puppy bite Scout. (Pretty funny....sounds like he's ready for a little girl.) I told her it was more like don't let Scout bite the puppy. She did like to yank on his legs but I don't think she caused too much harm. When Riley got home that night she told him that "he taste my face". You know....puppy dog kisses.

A few of the other funnies that she says are....

If something is either too big or too small she says, "It's too fit".

She is always "gonna, bout to fall".

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