Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm Spoiled!!

I'm spoiled and addicted to Craigslist. I have had great luck with items from the Amarillo area and not such luck in Lubbock. My super sweet, tolerant husband was along on this one and helped me load and unload these wagon wheels.

I hope the sweet girl doesn't find my blog because I have a confession to make. I thought she only had two of these babies for sale and the offer I made was based on that. She showed up with four and took $50 what I'm trying to tell you people is that I pretty much stold 'em.

All but one of them is in super good shape.

I also got these two little tires. They have a metal rim and hub and wooden spokes.

The little tire that still has rubber on it even has a FORD symbol on the hub. Any idea what it might have come off of?

Now these beauties are not in my backyard, so don't get any ideas. I know you people and I'll soon have 'em bolted down somehow so they don't go missing.

I'll try a Sweet T Girl sign off..........

Peace, Love, & It's ok to be jealous!!