Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reno Wade Smith 10-16-2010

Sat - 10/16/2010 - Finish painting Scout's dresser

Sun - 10/17/2010 - Clean out garage, work at Brad's

Mon - 10/18/2010 - Cook up some food, clean house (Dr. Davis back in town...whew!!)

Tues - 10/19/2010 - Dr appt, pick up things to finish Reno's room

Wed - 10/20/2010 - Wait one more day Reno it will work better for Mimi!

This was my plan for the next week or so. I had so many things that I seriously thought I'd have time to get done. Yeah right.....babies just do what they want to. My first baby is 2 and is still calling it exactly like she wants.

I had reason to think my water broke on Saturday morning. I wasn't completely sure and wasn't feeling any contractions to speak of, so I suggested to Riley that we leave Scout with Hope and go eat lunch in Hereford. Honestly I thought we might eat and come right back home. When we got there I sort felt some pressure so we cruised on to Amarillo. Keep in mind *****My doctor is out of town.***** I didn't know if I was in labor or not so we went to the theater but were there at the wrong time to see The Secretariat. By the way I still want to see it. At this point we didn't really know what to do, so we napped in the car for a moment. My nurse finally advised that we go to the hospital and let them check me that way we would just know one way or the other.

The rest of the story is pretty self explanatory. My labor progresses very quickly once I get going.

Reno Wade Smith was born at 7:38 pm on October 16, 2010. He weighed 6 lb 12 oz and measured 19.5 inches long.

With our little fella'

Scout really wanted to hold him by herself. (surprised?)

Finally someone for Trail to catch frogs and lizards with.

They brought my supper on Sunday night and Scout helped herself. She does love chicken fried steak and "graby".

Proud Papa

Scout with her "new baby".

My babies with Mimi (sad Papa didn't get to come).

My babies with Gigi and Papaw.

Getting all dressed up to go home.

Little Cowboy!!

Reno's "carseat" picture.

Scout's "carseat" picture. Do you think they are going to be different?


*ajt* said...

Congrats!! Happy for you!! Made me have the bug!! You look like your mama by the way and she is beautiful!! Have a blast!

Tyler, Kristin and Bronc said...

Congrats Riley and Tori and of course little Scout!! He is so tiny!! Cant wait to meet baby Reno!!

Kassi said...

Congratulations! Reno is adorable!!! Hope that all is going great!

Kait said...

LOVE it! Can't wait to meet him!

StephTow said...

Congratulations!! When we brought Ellie home, Emma was somewhat of a "psycho child" for just one week. Very out of character for her and then she was done! That's the last time she was like that! Hope things are going good with the newest member of the Smith family!

Michelle said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We're so happy to see pictures and hear how it's going. We're also laughing our heads off about the carseat pictures. Maybe it's good you had Scout first and Mr. Laid Back second. :) What a great looking family!! Morgan, Michelle, and kiddos