Friday, September 25, 2009

Yeah give me a give me give me a redneck girl.......

"A redneck girl likes to cruise in Daddy's pickup truck"


"She got a kiss on her lips for her mom and nobody else"

"A coyote's howling out on the prairie"

I think this was my favorite song as a little girl, maybe Scout will love it too. We do know that she loves to go with her Dad, especially to the feedyard where there are puppies and lots of cows getting bites.


Kait said...

You got the camera!!?? (the photos are labeled "Olympus Tough") Do you like it???

Tori said...

OK so only has 3.6 zoom 10 mgpxl, but cheaper than urs.

Kait said...

Cool - I think you will like it!! hey - whatever happened to the blog button?