Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Toe-mater has a double meaning here. Toe is because Scout didn't sleep a wink on the four hour trip home from Mimi and Papa's last Saturday evening, instead she blew or sucked on her toe most of the way. She has recently figured out this blowing thing so don't be surprised if she comes up to you and blows on your arm.

Second meaning of toe-mater is exactly what it is.....toemater. Isn't that how ya'll say it around your house? Papa is the toemater guru and during our little picking spree we actually got 92 toematers. Yummm.....I think I almost foundered on toematers during our stay.

Mimi, Scout, Aunt Pat, and Papa picking toematers.

Scout mostly liked to pick the green toematers, so she had to have some pretty close supervision by Mimi. She had the most fun to try to carry the bucket around.

Scout decided she was finished and tried to call under the fence to head back to the house.

Mom tried to get a picture of us by her pretty flowers, but Scout just wouldn't be still and look at the camera.

Here is Scout wearing Mimi's boots. She loved them and tried to walk around, but just couldn't do it.

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