Sunday, September 6, 2009

Special Picture

This is the special picture I'm talking about. I was so excited today to get this shot of my great-Aunt LaVerne posing with Scout and I. Scout hasn't been super interested in her lately and I was just scared that I wouldn't get a good pic of the three of us. She doesn't get out much, but did make it to potluck lunch today. She even looks like she feels good in this picture.

Before she had to move to the nursing home in Muleshoe she was my next door neighbor. She is the oldest of my grandmother's eight siblings and the only one living. She will be 99 in January. What a special lady!!!!

On the other hand.........this is not so hot of a picture but it does give an idea of what our little cheerleader outfit looks like. She started clapping immediately when we arrived at the pep rally on Friday. Then I got to thinking about her deep little voice and how she always says "hey". Look out folks she may be a cheerleader after all. More cheerleader pics to come this football season.

Here's our cheerleader that loves to show off her muscles and wink!! We're gonna..........I mean.........we do have our hands full.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day!!

1 comment:

Kait said...

Awww- that is such a great pic - I love the little pin in your hair!

LOVE, LOVE the cheerleader outfit and her muscles! I've said it before, but I'll say it again - BLS and I are gonna have to make some cute ones to compete with Miss Scoutie! :)