Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bye bye, Paci

Recognize this........

Pacifier, paci, plug, or otherwise known as a life saver. It is perfect for keeping the kiddo quiet in meeting, the car, Wal-Mart....pretty much everywhere, anytime. It is such a convenience thing and Scout has had it since Day 2. She didn't care too much about it for awhile, but in the last couple of months she has been really attached. When driving down the road I could ask where her "paci" was and she would help me look for it. We could never keep up with the silly thing. She learned at a very early age to undo the pacifier leash and of course it was also super fun to get mad and throw it while in the carseat. When Pake and Tate were here this summer we had a Paci Hunt and they were paid $0.50 for every one they could bring me. We found around twelve.

Yep, I am a mean momma and decided that when she had a snotty nose last week and couldn't very well breathe and suck on the paci that it was a perfect time to take it away. Take away the child's comfort when she's sick. Sorry, I'm just mean like that. Today is one week without the paci. We even made it through Sunday pretty well.

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