Monday, November 9, 2009

Get a load of this.....

Below you will find the past 6 weeks in summary.

Scout and Riley checking cattle at Hub.
(No town.....just a cafe that Riley loves. Hub is otherwise known as the blinking light between Muleshoe and Friona.)

Mimi teaching Scout to dance.
On our way to the family reunion (in Buffalo Gap, TX) we stopped in Post at Pake's football game. Here are the two busy bodies gettin "busy".

Scout and I visited our friend Margie at the museum in Canyon.
If you haven't been to PPHM you should go. Let me rephrase that....if you haven't been recently you should check it out. I worked there all through college and I promise it changes almost daily.

Garage sale-ing with Larkin and the kiddos.
It really isn't worth it? It's always fun to see who makes the most money, though.

We traveled to Morse, TX to ship cattle with Riley's parent.
This photo was actually taken horseback. Of course this was before they ran over us about 6 times. At one point I thought we might have to tell the trucks to come back another day. We did finally get them.

Scout loving her some H2O.
Water is the best toy for this kid. Just give her the water hose, a sink, our Sierra water dispenser, your bath water......whatever.......and she's happy.

Samantha Herriage & Rexee Jo Jackson
On October 5th sweet Rexee (on the right) and her mom, Tammy, were killed in an accident. I had Rexee in class last spring when I subbed here at S-E. She was such a hoot....everybody loved her. So sad.

Mini S-E Cheerleader
Scout is fascinated with cheerleaders. I'm pretty confident you'll see her sporty that green and gold outfit for years to come.

My 10 year HS Reunion
Pictured here is all seven of us and our spouses. No......I didn't graduate with six others in 1999.....the other 23 just didn't feel like showing up. Sort of a sore subject because Jess, Amanda, and I did lots of work hunting everybody down. See you in 2039 for #40.

Hubby & I
Bright side of the deal is that we got a good picture of just us. We also left Scout overnight for the second time. She hardly even looked my way the next morning when I picked her up.

Here is a video of the monkey feeding herself.
So Miss Par-ti-cu-lar won't eat unless she gets to feed herself. Way to go Tripp and Trail for passing down all the particularness to my child.

Here we are at the huge playground in Plainview.
We watched Autumn run at the district cross country meet and played a little.

Hope & Kristin
We had the first ever Smith Halloween Bash. It was pretty comical and I wish I had pictures. I didn't even think of handing my camera over to someone else since I was in the kitchen when everyone arrived. Let's just say David Templeton (Hope's dad) dressed up. I truly never thought I'd see the day.

Wild Indian
Sort of fitting since I couldn't get her still enough to even get a picture "in costume".

Pooped.....I'm plain tired from this silly post. Maybe it'll teach me not to put it off this long ever again.


Me.. said...

love the update! Your momma has some moves! :) Scout feeding herself reminds me of Jess who always said, "my do it myself"!!!! and meant it!!

Kait said...

Yay!! I'm so proud, you did it- she is so big - CANNOT wait to see her. Oh, and you and Riley too! :)