Monday, August 31, 2009

Little Drunk Girl...... there isn't really a little drunk girl, but Scout sure was acting like it the other night. We cooked out at the Cain on Saturday evening since Mimi and Papa were down. Gotta love the special treatment our company gets. It seems like the sand burrs had grown a little since we were there last. Scout only got into a bunch once, but she's a "toughie".

Did you know that a cow says "booo"?

Scout and her beloved Hope.

Shot of the whole fam.

Great Aunt LaVerne with Mom & Aunt Pat.

Scootie - Tootie


Me.. said...

All of a sudden, she looks like a big girl instead of a baby girl! And YOU, my dear have gotten SO TALL! (the video of your drunk baby).
Love keepin' up with you!

Kait said...

Haha - take her sippie cup away! :) That's super cute!!