Monday, June 8, 2009

We're bragging on Daddy.......

cuz he won "Top Hand" at the ranch rodeo in Haskell this past weekend. It was a two performance rodeo with new teams each night. Sandhill was up on Friday night. All of the team came home on Friday night except for the Townsend family. Tripp showed in the ranch horse competition on Saturday. He won the junior class on Hoorey. They took the winner of each class into a work-off after the rodeo performance on Saturday night. He also won that....which means a saddle. There were some phone calls and lots of texting going on around 11 pm Saturday night. They were letting us know that Riley had won "Top Hand", the team won 2nd, and Tripp won the saddle. I'm sad that Riley wasn't there to accept his spurs. That is part of the fun of winning, right?

Oh....don't let me forget the girls. Summer and Autumn showed in the Ranch Cutting on Friday. They both did awesome (not sure of scores, etc.).......I didn't see it, but I know!!

How's that for some bragging?

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