Friday, June 19, 2009

Wild Child

Scout seriously has such a mind of her own. This child is going to be a handful. OK, let me rephrase that. Scout Preston Smith is already a very independent and spirited little lady.

Example A:

This one is sort of old, but nevertheless proves my point. One of her tricks is to roll-em-up (patty cake). So when she first started throwing fits she would try to hit you and flail her arms about, but then quickly roll-em-up hoping you didn't notice.

Example B:

The newest one is when she gets a swat she just looks at me with no expression. Then she swats herself followed by tears and crying. My child actually thinks she can spank herself better than I can. I even spank better than her Dad.

Example C:

She stood up in the front seat of the pickup while she was temporarily buckled in the big person seat belt since Hope needed to step out for a second. You guessed it.....she locked her out. Then she would point and make her "oooo" face. I can only imagine what she was telling Hope as they talked through the window. Luckily she rolled the window down far enough that Hope could get back in.

Example D:

See the toothbrush episode below.

I'm thinking we're in for it!


Mandy said...

Oh, I LOVE those!!
I have a wild one also, just turned three...he is a sneaky buggar!!

Thank you for visiting & leaving a comment on my blog. Your blog is adorable & fun, I'll be back to visit soon! :)

The Townsend Chronicles said...

Uh, I think she was saying, "Hey dummy, ya don't leave a monkey alone in a pickup, buckled in a regular seatbelt, out in the middle of nowhere! ( no matter how much coffee you've had!)

Kait said...

"Umm..Mom, I ain't brushin' - get over it!"

Haha - good luck!!

I'm emailing you those pics right now!