Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ruffin' It and Lovin' It......

This past weekend we went to a ranch rodeo at Hugo, CO. Hugo is pretty much out in the boonies. Limon is about 20 miles away and has some really nice hotels, but we opt to camp out. We (us, Tripp & Hope, and Mom & Preston) all have trailers with dressing compartments. So let me make sure you understand........a dressing compartment is a small space in the front of the trailer plus the nose of the trailer. This is not to be confused with living quarters or LQ as we call it. An LQ is one of those fancy outfits that are mostly nicer than my home. They are all decked out with leather, cowhide, fire places, and granite countertops. OK....so most trailers with LQs honestly cost more than our home. So we have a full size mattress in the nose, which all three of us slept on. Amazingly we all slept well. There is a bathroom with a pretty nice little shower right there close. We all pitched in with some food and it turned out great. The weather was pretty warm, but not too bad.

O...about the rodeo. Sandhill didn't do too hot. Someone seemed to have a little trouble in each event resulting in many no-times. We had some pretty good laughs about it. Autumn was the sorter on Saturday and her dad let a wrong number across the line resulting in a no-time. Who would have thought?!

The ranch horse competition turned out better for them. The junior and senior classes were combined and the cowboy and ranchhand. Because they have recently changed some of the rules, Riley is able to show in the ranchhand again. Tripp won the junior/senior and Riley placed second. Then Riley also placed second and third in the cowboy/ranchhand. Summer and Autumn showed in the youth class. Autumn won first and Summer placed third. They both did an awesome job. I wonder when Trail will be showing "Pink Panther"?

Scout & Riley on Gunner.

Riley and his nieces. Is Autumn making a fist?

My babies taking a nap at camp.

We took Scout's little pool since we had a long, hot afternoon with nothing to do.

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