Monday, June 22, 2009


Yesterday evening was Trail's birthday party at the feedyard. If you've never been to a feedyard're really missing out. There is a huge round pen made of out sheet metal ( not too sure about my kinds of metal) where the guys work horses. It has sand in it instead of plain ol dirt. The sides of it are tall enough that it makes perfect shade around the edge. So you see it makes a perfect party place. They always come up with some hilarious entertainment involving wild animals and small children. Waaa-laaa a perfect birthday party!!

Scout making her way to "the pool".

Eeewwww.....this mud feels good!!

One Dirty Kid

Scout loved the mud and Riley and I love playing games with all the kids. Turns out to be a good deal for everyone. Happy 7th Birthday Trail!!

Sandhill branding was supposed to be last Saturday; luckily we got rained out. This morning it was dry enough to get the job done. Hope cooked a huge pot of meat/beans, Mom & Gran made cornbread, and I made sopapilla cheesecake. I rounded it all up and took it out to the branding pen. Scout's favorite part was the Big Red that she and Autumn shared.

Tripp, Hope, Bryson, and Summer

Summer, Quentin, Autumn, Rem, and Bryson

Brady & a kid from Hereford flanking. Brady is here learning from Tripp for a couple of weeks. He has fit in really well. Sure would like to hear what he tells his folks about us.

I thought I actually captured a good shot of Tripp roping.

Summer, Scout, & Autumn

Hope pouring the leftover water jug on Diamond Jim. When he was holding a calf he had flanked he would so convieniently reach over and untie her shoe. Pay-backs!!!

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