Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Proud to be an American.....

We had a very happy 4th of July. Thanks to all who have served and are still serving our country. Think of the freedoms that we have. I know that I take that for granted.

Guess what we did.....yep you guessed it Sandhill was in a rodeo at Colorado Springs, CO. This is usually our more pampered trip versus the camping out that we did in Hugo, CO. We usually have a little more free time for swimming, etc. This year is was rainy the whole time so we didn't get to do much.

On Friday night there is always a party for the contestants. This year it was on the rooftop of the Pavilion at the Norris-Penrose Equestrian Center. So.....we did go bowling after the party got rained out. Mom bowled a 141 and only Tripp beat her by one point to be the champ. Riley bowled a 56 on his first game.....ha ha....maybe there is something that he isn't good at. I bowled 80 something....not too hot. You know it's kind of hard to keep a busy 13 month old out of the way and happy while you are bowling. It was a fun time anyway.

Watching the rodeo!

Do you know how nice it is to have Hope and her kiddos to help entertain Scout?

Scout found a little guy to play with during the rodeo. Hope was providing some treats that they sure were interested in.

Me & Scout (Won't be showing that tummy when we get a little older, but we just can't help it now.)

The whole team got a pretty big kick out of Quentin getting plowed by the cow. You have to watch pretty closely, Tripp's horse kind of hides it. Pretty funny!!

Scout riding with her Dad!

JC Bridges.....he endured the ride with us.

Trail and Scootie sleeping on the way home.

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