Sunday, August 4, 2013


Once upon a time I was pretty good about posting pics I took with my phone.  Now I'm not as good.  To bet honest, now I expect my computer to insert a period when I double space.  I suppose I'm expecting the silly thing to post pics on my blog and suck the details out of my mind.  Sounds like a good idea, eh?

I don't want to forget and these pics just go floating out in I-Phone Picture Land.

A friend told me about something pretty cool and I'm certain that I'm hooked.  It's called Groovebook and it's a smartphone app.  Go online to learn more.  The scoop is that you put in all your info (name, billing & shipping addresses, and credit card) then once a month you choose 100 pics from your phone and it prints them in a snazzy little book shows up at your door about a week later.  The cost is only $2.99, which I happen to think is a steal.

This is how behind I am.  Truthfully it isn't how behind I really am.  Pray there aren't any hardware disasters before I get my world in pictures a little more organized.  Here are a few pics that have sadly been left out from the last couple, three or four months...

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Valerie said...

AWWWW! Great pics!! I stink at pictures,(and technology) but I have like 1000 (literally) on my iphone. I'm thinking I will have to check out that ap! Thanks for sharing!!!!!