Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Abilene, Abilene....

Family tradition takes place in Abilene every second weekend in May.  Our whole family has been lucky enough to qualify for the Ranch Horse of America Association Finals.  When I say our whole family I'm meaning Riley, Tripp, and Autumn.  

Western Heritage Classic takes place at the same time and we usually take in the rodeo.  Let me say it is interesting to sit and watch alongside Tripp and Riley who are always in the rodeo and not watching it.  

I only have videos of their runs, no photos.  Riley and Tripp made the finals.  One of Riley's horses colic-ed right before he was supposed to show him.  We didn't end up with a Champion, but Riley did win Reserve on Beech Nut.  

We had the most fun at the zoo with the Grandmas.   

I mustache you a question???  Did you enjoy this post even though it is three months late?


Ashley Bergen said...

I enjoyed it! That's too bad that his horse colic-ed, that would be upsetting.

Rachel said...

prettiest town that I've ever seen... oh, sorry, I was just singing the song ;)
Sounds like it went good, all except the horse colicing, that is. ;)

Valerie said...

I enjoyed it! :)