Thursday, January 3, 2013

Smith Christmas

Smith Christmas this year was a fun time, here at our Casa in Earth.  Reno and Saylor were so much more mobile this year therefore there was never a lack of excitement.  We adults are pretty exciting too, don't forget that.  ha

Gifts, gifts, gifts galore as usual.  Reno and Saylor didn't give a rip about opening gifts and Scout likes to open them and doesn't seem to care what's inside.  She's always asking for her next gift.  My kids received some really super, handmade in the USA toys this year.  Shall I add that I'm very excited about that?

It is sort of becoming Smith tradition to sit around and enjoy time off and not do too much.  We celebrated Brook's birthday.  I won't tell how many because I'll be the same number pretty soon.  His mom made a Waldorf Astoria cake, the "beloved" cake!!  Actually Kaitlyn made the cake and Tam iced.  I did nothing but eat it.  lol
We chilled out on the food this year and tried to spend less time in the kitchen.  Tandy told me about doing canned cinnamon rolls on the waffle iron.  There's nothing to it, just plop one down on each square and cook it just like a waffle.  It doesn't take any time.  Reno said, "good cookie". He also loves ribs.  Something about gnawing on a bone suits this guy.
It turned out to be a white Christmas, which was fun.  No worries this year about getting home or having cattle out, etc.  Luckily none got out either.  

Scout loves Saylor so much.  She wants her for her own baby as you can probably see in the pics.  Scout is such a little Mama and Saylor is actually pretty tolerable of it.  She would suck on her fingers and play with Scout's hair.  
Reno loves Saylor too!  They are still just trying to figure each other out.  No big fights or drama this year.  Sure they exchanged gibberish and maybe a push or two.

My favorite pic is out by the horse pen.  This was on Christmas Eve and it was freezing but they all refused to come in.  Saylor loved wearing Reno's monkey boots around when he wasn't.  She's such a little shoe girl!
How do you like the Christmas shirts?  Cherrycow Headquarters aka Summer painted them for us.  We wore them, washed them, and wore them some more.    

Hope you all had a super, fun, time with family this holiday season!  We sure did and feel so fortunate (every day) and especially this time of year!

Wild Rags in our photos are thanks to Jennifer at Cow Camp Supply.  They turned out to be a hit!!  


Jennifer said...

I was excited to see everyone wearing them in the first pic! So glad ya'll liked them!!!

Rain Barnes said...

Love Reno's smile out the side of his mouth and of course the picture of Scout holding Saylor like a doll. So sweet! Wish we had more cousins. :( I'm curious about this whole cinnamon roll notion???? My waffle iron isn't for Belgain waffles though? I think it might make a cracker instead. LOL