Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year!

 We enjoyed a beautiful New Year's Eve in New Mexico!  Of course they would have liked more snow for the moisture, but it was the perfect amount for my little ones to play in.
Little Squirt even sledded behind the 4 wheeler.  Last thing I knew he was crying for me, next thing he was on the sled.  Mimi walked along just in case.  All of this....with no gloves.  That's my fault, but he's a tough little coot.
I'm pretty sure the girl could have sledded all day.  We left it all hooked up and she got to ride again at chore time.
All smiles!!

The wagon was pretty fun too!
The horses weren't sure what to think about a sledder.  This was right before they took off.  Reed, the little brown colt second from left, will be coming to live with the Smith's next trip.  I'm secretly hoping he will be my horse.  Not sure that's what the hubby is planning though.  

We were lazy.  Well, mostly I was lazy.  My mama took good care of us.  We spent lots of time...
 playing on the I-pad or phone,
climbing on the tiny ladder in Mimi's kitchen,
 backed up to the fire, 
 eating ice cream, 
 chewing the fat!!  lol

Happy New Year!!  It'll be February before we know it!


Rain Barnes said...

I get excited to see you've posted and then bummed because I realize I still haven't. LOL How fun! I bought sleds this year, but we haven't had the chance to use them yet. :(

The Rustic Chick said...

Love the chewing the fat picture! So cute!

Michelle said...

Hey! Happy New Year! Pictures of ya'll at Preston and Janie's make me wish we still lived down the road from them! A GREAT place to go for a good time! :) Michelle