Monday, January 7, 2013

"Say I Won't"

I came back to the office to check doors and turn off lights.  Somehow I ended up sitting down at my computer.  This is what happened.

I've been inspired.....Inspired by a fellow blogger.  I adore what my friend Elizabeth wrote earlier today.  I don't have a fabulous movie line to compare to or quote.  That just isn't really me.  You should read hers though.  I don't know what moved her to feel like this, but I like it.  

Sometimes I feel like I sit around waiting for the right time.  The right time to paint this or that.  In my mind, the right time would be while kids are sleeping.  However, this nap thing is hardly ever simultaneous and/or for any extended amount of time.  Therefore, my gazillion household projects and cool ideas remain undone.  Ugh!

So here's my version of the "shake my fist" thing.

Say I Won't

I actually said this to myself on the treadmill on Sunday afternoon when I thought I might puke.  (It could have been the Mexican food I had consumed 1 hour earlier, but still......I've become soft in every sense of the word.)  

It's my mantra!  Mantra!!  What in the heck is a mantra and has Tori smooth lost it?


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tell me that I won't do it.....

I first saw this phrase on a cap in the NRS catalog.  It's a brand of clothing.  Love it!

So,....say I won't......

*Get that pantry repainted and looking all Pinteresty by the weekend.

*Read more books and play more games with my kids starting tomorrow.

*Run better than 26:20 in the Color Run on March 23rd.

*Get every single home improvement/project done by March 1st.

*Have my house in tip-top shape for the wedding shower I'm having on March 30th.

*Take care of the mending/sewing pile by the end of the day tomorrow.

*Take more time to visit friends or family when I go to town.

*Completely clean up the kitchen each time I cook.

*Loosen up and laugh!!

You may notice that I've put a time on most of these.  This is where I struggle.  Procrastination is not my friend.  Duh, I've known this forever.  Come on procrastionation......I dare you to "SAY I WON'T"!!

Good luck Ya'll!!


Elizabeth Martin said...

I am very flattered!!! I hope you get everything accomplished on your list and keep shaking that fist! :)

Kaitlyn said...

Ahhh love it! I need to make a list like this!