Thursday, January 31, 2013

In no particular order

Here we no particular order.  January has been a really fun month.  I feel like I've gotten more accomplished than usual.  Of course I am sort of on a "tear" since I'll be having a wedding shower here the end of March.  Look for some project updates in the near future.

We've had cold weather, we've had summer time weather, and we've had the in-between weather.  Wind, don't forget the wind.  If it wasn't windy I'd be confused and not know how to function.

Riley is 100% addicted to team roping.  Not that he wasn't before, but now it's worse if that's possible.  lol  Our spring and summer calendar is filling up fast, which I like. It's us!  We do well going here and there and everywhere.  We are spoiled, I will admit.  

Here we are......

 jumping on the trampoline,
watching team roping with cousin Trail,
playing with our favorite Colorado cousins,
sporting a dislocated elbow, 
sporting a banged up lip, 
whipping out some chicken fried steak,
rooting for cousin Autumn (from home),
learning to put on eye-liner (thanks ALT!),
playing with the tools we got for Christmas,
enjoying fancy drinks in the winter time (Scout used our Popsicle forms to fancy them up.  lol)
being NERDY!!

Hopefully your month is ending perfectly!! 


Rachel said...

Love this!! What a wild bunch! ;)

Jennifer said...

Fun times! :)

Amanda Haney said...

Love these pics! Scout is so cute! Those drinks sound like fun. Makes me want summer time to hurry up and get here.