Monday, December 5, 2011

We spent Thanksgiving in San Antonio with Baby Saylor Quinn. I wonder if we will still call her that when she's 20? Oh and her parents were there too, and the

There is just something about being an Aunt. It happened to me so many years ago, almost 19 actually. Crazy to think Summer Lynn aka Princessa is going to be 19 soon. Any who, being an aunt is just an amazingly fun thing no matter what age they are.

We've had some normal time at home before all the going here and there of the holidays hits.

Scout and I have decided to bake for some of the neighbors, well mostly just the old neighbor men. Wonder if they read this? Who am I kidding? Ah well, I'll bet they will eat the goodies regardless. Scout mostly likes to eat the Rolos off of the pretzel cookies. I on the other hand prefer the finished product.

Reno can walk very well now. Of course he still crawls almost everywhere though. He walks in circles just for fun.....with his sister's boots on his hands. Lately he has been very big into having two of something......two bottle brushes, two gas drop bottles, two of Scout's flip-flops. Well you get the idea. Oh and how could I forget? Two pacis!! All of a sudden he loves the paci. Not sure where that came from.

Hope you all are staying warm!!


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