Sunday, December 11, 2011

Google Upgrade

Ok, so I've been getting this prompt in Gmail for ages about how my Internet browser needed to be updated. I thought "whatever, whatever" but then tonight I got this wild hair to check it out. Seems as if Google Chrome is quite amazing.

I finally posted on the Sandhill page of this blog and was so excited. Wait, let me back track.....the first thing it let me do was comment on my sister-in-law Kaitlyn's blog. That in itself was super. I'd been telling her that it wouldn't let me but I could clearly see it was letting everyone else.

So, back to the other reasons why I love it. The spacing and adding pics, etc was so easy. I had been having major trouble with making my posts look even sort of decent. Waa Laaa....Google Chrome hooked me up.

I have tons to share.....Riley and I went to Vegas this past week for the National Finals Rodeo. Neither of us had ever even been to Vegas, much less to the rodeo. For now I'll just share this pic. You'll see it soon enough as it is this years Christmas card photo.


Jennifer said...

Oh I bet Vegas was fun! I would love to go to Cowboy Christmas.. with lots of money. Ha! ;)

Kait said...

I am SO gonna download that now! Look at you - teaching me something about computers! ;)

Rachel said...

I downloaded it, and I'm hoping that it'll let me upload my pictures, cause that's been aggrevating!!