Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!!

Riley and I had never been to Vegas.....ever. Dimmitt Veterinary Supply so kindly sent us on a complimentary trip to the National Finals Rodeo this year. We had the privilege of seeing the 8th and 9th rounds. They put us up at the Monte Carlo, which isn't the fanciest place on the strip but was plenty nice to us and right in the middle of everything.
It was so cool.....the rodeo that is!! Oh wait, let me rewind for just a minute. We have never left our children. Scout stayed two nights with Tripp and Hope when Reno was born. We of course saw her during those days. So when we were asked to go I was all over it. Riley was a little hesitant but I was just certain that it was the thing to do. As the time neared, I started to dread it more and more. We had snow and some of our friends weren't able to fly out as planned. I was hoping it would happen to us also. Gigi and Papaw came to stay with the kids here at our house.
I woke up at 6:30 am that first morning we were there almost in tears wondering how I would manage. First thing we did was go out to The South Pointe Casino, which has an arena inside,to watch the World Series Roping. There was some shopping there and at that point I decide that I would
Next we went to the Convention Center for more Cowboy Christmas. That evening we went to our first ever NFR performance. Tanya Tucker sang the National Anthem and I was wishing Scout could hear it since she is absolutely obsessed with the song. The rodeo is such a cool show. It happens fast and is an "edge of your seat" kind of thing for me.
It was sickening to see Cody Ohl and Tuff Cooper acting like....well lets just say they aren't the guys that I root for.

(So Riley and I both love to eat very much. I have to say I was a little disappointed in the quality and the cost of food. Maybe we just didn't get out to the "great" places. I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have wanted to pay what they cost though. The buffet was fun because I like to try new stuff. On Friday evening we ate at The Brand Steakhouse inside our hotel. The ribeye came with the rib. Pretty funny and I should have brought it home considering what we paid for it, but was afraid I'd get stopped at security. lol)

That first day we talked to Scout two or three times. She was good without us. She and Papaw had built a snowman. Ladies tend to be happy when they are calling the shots, right?

The next evening when we talked to her they had gone to Autumn's ball game and she literally didn't have time to tell her Mama "I love you". Wow!! It was kind of upsetting but then again it would have been much worse if she had been upset herself and missing us. Yeah right. lol

Here we are in the airport ready to come home. Can you tell we were getting pretty excited?
No, I'm not trying to turn my 3 year old into a showgirl. lol She is very much into dressing up, so what could be more fun than a tutu with matching wings? You should see her jumping off of chairs trying to fly. Not a joke.

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