Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Uh-huh...I'm here again!!

I'm feeling pretty funny today, so I thought I would continue with a few more tid-bits from Vegas. I know my last post was all over the place. That's just me. I start something, move to something else, go back to the first thing. Can you say A D D? I've got it. I'm bouncing my leg all around while I'm sitting here trying to type. It's just me.

So the funny story. Here are a few pieces of important information you need to know before we start the story.

#1 - Riley does not carry a wallet. He never knows where it is. It could be in about three different pickups, on the dash, in the console, etc.

(One time we stopped for milk at Allsup's on a Sunday afternoon on our way home from the feedyard. Riley goes in for milk and promptly comes right back because he had no money in his pocket. We ended up finding "the wallet" in the pickup with $100+ dollars inside. Nice!)

#2 - I took 2 purses and 2 carry-on bags to Vegas.
a) A regular purse to carry on the way there.
b) A small, across-the-body purse to carry while there.
c) Two carry-on bags to carry all my loot home.
d) Oh and I bought a purse while we were there.

So you have to have your id to get through security, right? At Amarillo, no problem. We put "the wallet" in a bag or purse. I'll admit, I have no idea where we put it.

On the way home, we get to LAS to check our luggage curbside. Keep in mind it's not just us. There are a few people in our group right there with us. They ask for IDs. I get mine out and Riley starts to look for his. Where is "the wallet"? Which bag or purse might it be in cuz goodness knows it isn't in his pocket.

Before I know it, he has our suitcase open throwing my clothes all over the sidewalk trying to find "the wallet". He says, "Tori this is serious. We can't leave here.". I quickly inform him that I can leave because I have my ID. lol

So, "the wallet" was safely in the zipper pocket of one of the carry-on bags. It had probably been there the whole time. lol

Uh....maybe you had to be there.

This photo is from the plane. Pretty cool, eh?

Now on to a phone dump sort of thing. Random pics, but it's our life.

Monkey A doing her thing.

I wrapped up this gift, a Bonnie Concho gift certificate, for my cousin. Kind of proud of my fancy wrapping.

Monkey A again. She can dress herself unless I pick out the clothes and need her to get them on because we are actually going somewhere.

Ketchup on tacos! Riley fell back into his old ways for a minute the other day. Yuck!!

My prissy little cleaning lady!

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