Monday, May 23, 2011

Blame it on......

BONNIE CONCHO!! BC is pretty much the reason why my blogging is so non-existent. I've been spending lots of time with her.

Who in the world is Bonnie Concho? Well, she is kind of a real person, kind of not.

She is.........Bonnie Concho is our brand new, opened on May 10th, clothing & accessory boutique. It is located inside The Studio hair salon at 230 S Main, Muleshoe, TX. We are really excited about it and are working hard to bring you the latest, reasonably priced, Bonnie Concho style. We have a facebook, just don't have pics, etc up yet. Hopefully that will be done this week.

We.....who is we??? We is Hope, Summer, Autumn, and myself. It seems as if we each have a different talent, or none at all.....that would be me.

It has been alot of fun so far. The sweeties at the salon do the hard work for us, but we are thinking of hosting a few get togethers this summer. It will probably be on Tuesday nights, while our guys are roping. More details hopefully in the next couple of days.

Hope to see you....looking soooo Bonnie Concho...soon!!!


NieNie and Goose said...

How exciting!!! I will be coming by next time I'm in town! :)

Jennifer said...

Very cool!!! I have never heard of Bonnie Concho! I'll have to check it out!

Jennifer said...

Oops, maybe not! I thought the pic was a link. ;)

Rachel said...