Tuesday, May 17, 2011


wasn't that long ago? Was it? Sorry folks, I hate it just as bad as you do when I get preoccupied and don't blog for a month.

Scout Preston all decked out!!

She slept in sponge rollers the night before. I remember always doing that as a kid.

Aunt Pattie and the kiddos. Not too long before Scout and Riley were having a before bed conversation and she informed him that Pat's new name was "Pattie".

My darlins'

Me and "my darlins" - My big darlin' isn't such a great photographer, but you take what you can get.

Hunting eggs with Mimi at The Adams casa.

She was kind of particular....

but "by-cracky" she hunted eggs. (She is her mother's daughter and I have an explanation, but no one believes me.)

G-Maw Maw and Reno "huntin' eggs" in the shade.

Scout and G-Maw Maw hee-hawin about something. (Do you see the rabbit she carved out of a cantaloupe? Awesome...)

Scout and G-Maw Maw

Hope and her beauties...well they got it from their Mama!!

We stopped by the feedyard to care for Locksmith, who by the way has/had a broken shoulder. That is a post in itself, but he is doing great so we'll leave it at that. So we are talking with Scout about who we will see at the Adams casa and I say, "Mimi and Papa" and she says, "Mimi and Cupcake". So speaking of new names, Papa has one......CUPCAKE. Pretty hilarious!! Think about it......a cupcake is pretty special in the mind of an almost 3 year old and so is her Papa.

My partner, Tripp trying his hand at shuffleboard at the Adams casa. Hmmmm, yes we lost. I can admit to it!!

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