Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sister Monkey

Scout is officially "Sister Monkey". Sometimes she fills in the blank with various creatures puppy, squirt (my favorite). We all have our titles as well Mama Monkey, Daddy Monkey, and Baby Monkey. She'll say "call me sister monkey" then "call me sister monkey again". So we go about our day referring to her and ourselves as monkeys.

The other evening she informed me that Tripp, Hope, Summer, Autumn, and Trail were all monkeys, we were all puppies, and KD, Tandy, Pake, and Tate were cheetos. I'm guessing that was supposed to be cheetahs. lol

Another funny one......

Scout: "Mom I need you!" (waking up from nap)

Me: Walk into the room.

Scout: Sits up in bed. "So I have a deal for ya!"

Me: "oh yeah"

Scout: "how bout we go play outside"

Me: "ok"

Scout: "i've got another deal for ya! bout we go play in the back yard?"

Me: "Well I wanted to go in the front yard because I wanted to clean up my new junk. Remember we went to Tandy's yesterday and she and I went shopping for junk?"

Scout: "We don't buy take that junk back to the store!"

The other day I was on the phone, but overheard her phone conversation. She had a phone in each hand and was telling whoever she was talking to that she had another call and would be right back.

Oh and I hope to have more about the junk for you soon. I know you can't wait to see what I gathered up.

Sister Monkey's outfit courtesy of Trail Townsend. Scout stayed with them one evening awhile back. When we picked her up this is what she was wearing. Of course she wanted to spend the night and these are "jammies". I think she looks like Autumn in these pics.

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Kait said...

I can't wait to see all y'all monkeys soon! Tell Sister Monkey hi! :)