Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bronc is 1!

Awesome cake, delicious too!! Check out Sarah's other cakes if you please.

The sweet Rice family. Tyler, Broncy, & Kristin

Smart boy here. Instead of smearing cake all over himself like most one year olds, he chose to feed it to his Dad.

Bronc & his Mama

Cousins & Sons

R & R....Don't forget it was Riley's birthday too!!

There were lots of pretty ladies around to hold the Mr.

What more could a girl ask for?........Puppies and ice cream!

This is Camryn, she is 4. She isn't one bit shy either. Earlier in the house she sat down on the floor with Scout and I. She and I were having a nice conversation while Scout only listened in. After a bit, Camryn looked at me and said, "What sound her makes?"

Bronc and Scout drove cars up under the kitchen table. He cornered her and then started smacking his lips. I knew what was coming...yep you guessed it. A big 'ol smooch! How did he know to get her off by herself before he kissed her?

Happy Birthday to our handsome, lil friend, Bronc

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