Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Make-A-Wish Calf Roping

Reno stripped down since it was so hot and muggy.

Scout found a Jack Russell named Molly to play with. She also met Sawyer, a handsome 3 year old from Hereford. (I'm sad I don't have a picture of them.) She kept calling him "little boy" or "little guy".

Can you tell what's going on here?

Right before we got to Canyon she announced that she needed to go potty. Luckily I had thrown in the little potty. We pulled over and she and I got in the trailer. Here Riley is checking on us because he was all antsy to get to his calf roping. A little TMI I know, but.....she went POOP and that's all I care about.

So about the roping..... Riley did well. He placed third in the #11. It was at least good practice for Joe's Boot Shop Calf Roping later this month.

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All About the B's said...

I remember the days we traveled with the potty chair in the trunk!! It was a bit weird, but hey it worked and that was all I cared about too! :-) Great job mama!