Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Remember the kitty-kitty Scout called Medicine? Well he ran away on the day of her birthday party. Meet the replacement, Donut.

I think Donut likes having her picture made just as much as Scout does.

"Stay here Donut....."

"We need to talk........"

"Wisten to me!!"

"O sawie......I didn't know you couldn't breathe!!"

Best Friends

One morning this summer we were working and Brad brought Scout a donut. She has never forgotten it and pretty much expects him to have one everytime we see him. Typical girl with donut on the brain, right? That must be why she chose it as her kitty-kitty's name.


3-J's said...

This is soooo funny!!!!!

NieNie and Goose said...


Kait said...

hahaha - so cute. I heard the story about her "spanking" him. Too cute!

Summer said...

Ok his name is T-U-N-A!!