Sunday, July 18, 2010


I think of Hugo a little differently these days. While there for a ranch rodeo recently, yes it was recently for those of you "blogger harrassers", some friends of ours allowed their child to buy a puppy, named Hugo, who barked all night long. Riley and I sleep very soundly and it didn't bother us too much. Some in our bunch couldn't say the same. So Hugo has a little different meaning these days.

We tied for first in the rodeo. Tie-breaker was the branding and we unfortunately lost. Oh well, the girls showed in the Cowboy Class of the RHAA for the first time. That was super exciting!! I also have a new camera which allowed me to take more pictures than usual. Let's just say that when I sat down this afternoon to upload to my computer.....there were 845 pics from the last three weeks.

The Sweet T Girl roping!!

ALT girl fencing her cow!!

Scout, Trail, and an unidentified playmate giving the barrel heck. I remember playing on a barrel as a kid.....great fun!

A bottle cap and gravel is pretty good entertainment.

Tripp sticking it on one!! I am so proud of this picture because I think this a great loop and I actually captured it. He'll let me know if not.

Riley heeling for Tripp in the doctoring.

Riley in the branding. Thank goodness for the zoom lens, but I still wish I could make the guys in blue disappear.

Tam & Bob by the old rock bridge on the ranch she grew up on near Lamar, CO.

If I get enough comments to suit me then I just may post about Colorado Springs & our Fourth of July!!


Me.. said...

This blogging thing is a thankless job, isn't it?? I feel the same about comments. I DO love peeking in on your life!

Kait said...

I'll admit to being a "blogger harasser," but I always comment too so keep it up, missy! Great pics!!

Tandy Adams said...

Great to see an update! Have you edited all 875 pics yet? You can sure get click happy with a new camera, but WOW you usually get that good shot! Can't wait to see more of your pics.

mimirue said...

Ditto to Kait. Everytime I saw Duff come up I said "not again".
Love hearing all you have been involved in. Need to know more often. Hurry next Scoop!

Summer said...

Ok, I like your post, except the picture of me missing! Couldn't you of edited it and made me catch???