Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese's

Scout has been officially introduced to Chuck E. Cheese's thanks to Jason and Heather Spangler. We celebrated Haylee's 5th birthday. Thanks guys....she hasn't asked to go back yet, so you're clear so far. It was better than I expected and yes, they do actually have a really good salad bar.

So Scout loved it of course and ran like a wild woman from toy to toy.

Scout drove poor Chuck E. around all night long. This was her favorite ride. You put a token in, the car moves, and it takes your picture. I think we have about 20 pictures.

Cowgirl Haylee!! She wears this hat everywhere and it's the cutest thing. She knew to smile for her picture.

Jason & his "Mini-Me" Leah!! I'm not sure how she can look exactly like him and be soo cute?

Great fun wearing her butterfly hat party favor!!

I think she has a future in least mama and daddy are hoping so. Riley would try to argue here, but I spanked him a couple of times in basketball. Of course he is so competitive that we had to "play til Riley wins".

Bethany also known as "Beffy" by Scout is sort of shy.

Notice Scout has a spoon in hand and a few blobs of icing are already gone.


Summer said...

Ok, I love the butterfly hat. Can I have one? And how do you get your pictures all editied and in a row like that?? Teach me.

Kait said...

Hey - I'm with Scout - steal the icing when no one is looking - that's the good part anyway.