Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy to be at Happy!!

This past week we attended our annual church convention at Happy, TX. It is always a great experience, plus we get to see lots of family and friends. Since our horse trailer has AC we camp in it.

Scout bosses Rylan around much like I know I bossed her mother around years ago. Sorry Larkin!!

Scout with Ruby and Tyleigh (Ruby is from NM, Tyleigh is from AR)

Sisters.....Ruby and Hattie

Rogan is the only little boy in the bunch. He will have a Smith boy cousin soon, though.

Boy did August love Scout's wagon. ( long as that's all he ever loves about her! lol)

Cousin Lizzie giving Scout some advice. Can't wait for her to be at WTAMU this fall.

Us by our "home". Yes my body is growing quite large, it looks way too big for my head???

Mimi and Papa

Scout and I with Papa

Sisters....again! Mom and her big sis Pat.

You would have to know my father-in-law to get his sense of humor.

This is more like it.

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Kait said...

Awww - you are such a cute little pregnant lady!! Can't wait to see y'all again!!