Thursday, April 1, 2010

Best Place for a Nap

Last weekend there was a RHAA contest in Amarillo. Riley, Tripp, and Autumn all competed, Hope was a scribe for one of the judges, I chased Scout, Summer was at a horse judging contest in Clarendon, and Trail.....well that's a more complicated story. He hung out with a big group of girls, which is all there was to hang out with. They put stickers all over his face, they hid from him, and for a short while they quietly watched a movie in the press box. It was pretty comical listening in on their conversations as they occassionally rested near us.

Scout loves to ride and I love for her to as well because it means I'm not chasing her.

Wrinkle (the horse) and Daddy make a comfy resting place don't you think? Fine by me because I would have never gotten her to sleep at a place like that.

Hoorey, or Hayray as Scout calls him, must be camera looks like he is trying to avoid the picture. Scout kept telling Autumn to "get down". They can't play when she's up on the horse. I'd better add that Autumn and Hayray won the Sr. Division of the Youth class by about 25 points. Congrats!!


Me.. said...

Scout looks so TALL!!!
cute pics!

Kait said...

I'm lovin' the boots! Can't wait to see y'all again!!