Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thank the Dog

For all of you who have been "hounding" me about posting, well you can thank the dog. He is barking as of now, which is 4:40 am and my "dead to the world" husband doesn't seem to care when I repeatedly knock on his (Riley's) head with my fist in attempt to wake him to take care of the situation. I have already yelled at the dog, but no going back to sleep now. Riley will laugh when he reads this post because he will believe me but not remember it at all. So here goes.....

Nothing like a little "Mimi & Papa" time over Spring Break. We had a grand time just hanging out for a couple of days. Sandhill had been super busy shipping wheat cattle, cows to grass, etc. so Riley was looking for a little break as well. I wasn't needing the break since my life seems to be a break these days which I can totally admit and which I love so much.

Just a little glimpse of the laziness that we indulge in at Mimi's house. Here she and Scout are playing farm while Riley reads a magazine and chats with Preston, who is in his recliner across the room. We generally just go back and forth from these spots of laziness to the kitchen table to eat like pigs.

Also note the new palm leaf hat with pink bound edge.....Thanks Mimi!! We're loving it and you'll be seeing tons of it in the months to follow.

Here Mimi and Scout are all bundled up and ready to go to the barn. Scout is very in to this right now, I'm thinking she and I will be wasting lots of gas driving to the feedyard this summer.

We went to Santa Fe one day since Mimi had an appointment there. It was a great excuse for us to go. Riley has not been to the Plaza to see the sights and overpriced, yet cool stuff for sale. The only problem was that lots of people spend Spring Break there, so we didn't take the time.

Riley and Miss Shaggy posing. I'm telling you this girl's hair grows so fast it's unreal. I guess I shouldn't complain. Maybe I should just start sending her to the barber with her dad.

"Dead to the world's" alarm just went off, maybe I'll go knock on his head some more.

We're going to take in a track meet today and enjoy the 80 degree weather. Have a fun day!!

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Me.. said...

That is the funniest post! At least you didn't smell a skunk after all that barking.

I hope Riley's head has no dents!