Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our First Easter that Counts

Scout was around 10 months old last Easter, but she couldn't walk which means no egg hunting and the weather was yucky which means not wearing the "planned" Easter outfit. Boy did we make up for it this year!

Scout playing on the playground at school. Gotta love that West Texas wind.

Scout, Hope, Julie, & Sutton before the hunt.

Scout found this chair that is "just her size" out behind the old gym. Egg hunting is tiring.

Sutton, Scout, Sully, & Trail

All dressed up for the rodeo in Guthrie. In the sorting I made the mistake of hollering that some cattle were trying to go back to the herd, so Miss Copycat had to do the same.

From Guthrie we went on the Seymour to spend the weekend with the Smith family. There is a family reunion the same weekend that Lizzie graduates so they had a early get-together. Thanks Lizzie for hiding the eggs!

Hurry up....I need to know what's "in err".

Scout liked hunting eggs pretty well. She kept calling her basket "her purse".

A little fella "Cain" was also at the egg hunt. I thought this picture was funny because they both had their mouth full of candy.

Scout and Tegan had a great time playing ball together.


Scout got pretty good with the sword. Just ask Riley she whacked him in the face the next morning.....sweet little "wake-up call".

Easter gifts? I was never given Easter gifts.

Scout and her Daddy looking beautiful in blue.

Riley Smith Family - Easter 2010

If all of that wasn't enough, we came home and went to the Townsend's for a cookout. Pop cooked sausage on the grill, yummy.
Fun times!


Kait said...

Looks like it was a fun Easter for Scoutie! Wish we could have been there - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blue Sunday outfits - yall look adorable!! Luv ya!

Tyler, Kristin and Bronc said...

Hey!! Cute pictures!! Love the blue!! Hope all is well!! Busy being a Mom here!! We should get together before we make our big move to the Tongue River!