Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pay, Pay, Pay

"Pake, Tate, Tanny, Donn," is what we heard for about 10 days straight. There were actually a few nights when she was sick and not sleeping well that she would bring it up in the middle of the night. So we went to play.

The stairs are so much fun. She especially likes it when Maxie goes up and down with her.

Watching the boys ride out at the track. Their beloved "tail-water pit", which is perfect for jumping is full of water right now.

The go-kart and dirt bike are parked together so she could just climb back and forth as she pleased.

Looks like a pro!! I am a little afraid of how wild this child will be on a machine like this.

She proved that she has no fear when we put her on the trampoline. I did not witness it "thank goodness", but the story is that she ran right off the other side. Tate tried to catch her and she was dangling by a leg. She crashed of course, but didn't cry too long.

This picture looks super bossy, but I think she was trying to put her hands on her hips like Tandy had shown her earlier.

We had a very fun time, but the problem is that now she asks for the Adams Family all the more.

**Pictures courtesy of Tandy Adams and the new fancy-smancy camera.

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Tandy Adams said...

We are soo excited y'all came to visit! The neighbor kids and dogs enjoyed y'all too! We look forward to your next visit. Actually we're going to have to meet in Muleshoe at Aunt Pats to see the baby goats. You know I love having something to take pictues of!