Friday, January 1, 2010

Pioneer Woman calls them punks so I will too. Two these of course aren't my punks, but I'll still get them in a head-lock if I need to keep them still for a picture. We had a great time at Mimi's with the Adams Family.

I thought this turned out to be a really good snapshot of our little fam.

Pake, Mimi, Scout, and Tate.......we were getting pretty antsy for the Townsend family to arrive.

Aummie & Nunna

Tate is under there if you look really kind of looks like Riley is pooching out his belly full of turkey & dressing.

Aunty Patty with her prize. We did chinese christmas and since she won "I Never" by about one million pennies she got to have final choice.

Just an example of how "in love" my child is with clothes. She was so proud of this outfit and her new tennis shoes. Pics of the pink mini skirt Aunt Kait & Uncle Brook brought her to follow.

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