Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow......and a stockshow!!

Getting curled and beautiful to go the stockshow. No it doesn't make a lot of sense when it is pretty much a blizzard outside, but then again how much of our "beautifying" really does make sense. I just thought the little assembly line was cute.

All bundled up and ready to go. After the last snow storm I found these bibs for Scout at Sears for $12. She already had the coat and I chose brown just in case there is ever a boy in the Riley Smith family.

She is almost as broad as she is tall, poor thing could barely get around. I'm thinking stockshow is going to be right up her alley though.

Are you hearing the "cry baby"? I have no idea why Scout was so worried about Autumn. She just had to have her.....kind of embarrassing.....mostly for Autumn I think.

One of our newest tricks is to laugh and say how "funny" something is. Trail is pretty funny though isn't he?

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Kait said...

awww - I love her little bibs!!