Thursday, January 21, 2010

January Part 1.........

Do I really even need to say anything here other than....yum yum....and maybe "thanks alot Tripp!!".

The whole reason we were at DQ is because Aummie had a ball game in Olton. They won!! Sure wish they'd been playing like that all season. I feel certain Aummie was the top scorer. You go proud of ya.

Summer looking not so happy in pen 8 at the County Show. everybody loves Summer everywhere she goes. I think this picture explains that pretty well. Here Scout is checking out John Henry (one of Summer's admirers).....she even tried to sit in his lap.

The "goat lady" turned 75 earlier this month. Look closely at the cake.....isn't it the cutest thing?

My mom's cousin Diana, her daughter Stephanie, and her two boys came down for the birthday. Scout was pretty much into the "bebe".....unless of course I was holding him.

Scout & I waiting for Dr. Young to check her out. She was supposed to have her 18 month appointment in December, but bad weather kept us away until January. She is in the 99th percentile for height. Guess we'll see if we get a basketball player or a shetland (like her momma).

Notice the tennis ball in the background. You'd better take some pretty good entertainment along or this chic will turn the room upside down while you are waiting. She was still trying to tackle me while I took her picture.

Like her outfit? I think it shows off her physique pretty well. So glad for her sweet daddy who goes to appointments, etc. and doesn't even complain. Let me clarify....he doesn't complain about the appointment but he does complain about the errands I usually have to run.

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Kait said...

Go Ummer and Aumie! I'm loving Miss Scoutie's physique in these pics! She is definitely gonna be a bball player!!