Friday, December 25, 2009

Whateva u like we do for uuuu........

Whateva we can do at home....with our storage box full of epsom salt, a little foot cream, and some polish. I know Scout will be bringing me a box wanting water because she has already been doing it today.

I even sat in Preston's massage chair while Mom gave me a pedi....who needs Lucky Nail?

Scout with Pop (Hope's dad) at Chili's. I had to get a picture because she usually doesn't want much to do with him. We are so glad for David and Julie.......they are like another set of grandparents.

So we were at Chili's for Summer's 17th birthday. Scout ate like such a pig. Here Summer and Tripp are feeding her dessert.

Summer also had some kids over for her birthday. This picture doesn't do the cake was awesome. Hope does such a good job. We went out to the Cain and played cops and robbers. These kids are a tougher than me. Nobody is dropping me off in the middle of the country where there are wild animals, cactus, and freezing cold. Hope, Julie, Scout, and I kept the fire going.

Happy Birthday Summer Lynn!!!

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