Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Scout, myself, Riley, Brook, and Kaitlyn

So this picture was taken pretty late on Friday afternoon. Hey you would stay in your pj's all day too if you'd just ridden in the car with a 18 month old all the way to San Antone. Mr. Smith (I'm just going to say that since I'm not really sure if Riley is solely responsible.) helped us find a short-cut which took us right through Fredericksberg. Luckily I was already pretty much asleep because looking at the cool stores all lit up for Christmas would have caused me to be super sad that it was approximately 10 pm and we wouldn't be stopping.

Someday I will get there and to Canton. Whatever....we're talking about Thanksgiving.

Riley and Scout roping the dummy.....not too much to do in the city.

Riley wore his glasses on the drive down and his sideburns were so long they were bushing out all crazy. Brook and I convinced him that he must have a haircut. Buzz cut.....pretty cute if I might say so.

On Saturday we went out to Kait's parent's ranch. This is Scout and Kay (Kait's mom) pretend shopping with their credit card machine. We had a fabulous time there. Brook grilled an awesome meal for us and then of course.......Riley's favorite pastime.........PICTURES.

Speaking of pictures.....this one would be great if the monkey wasn't making a whiney face. I'm pretty sure this took place in the house after one set of pics. She really did pretty good considering getting teeth, too much car seat, changing clothes, etc. Christmas pics coming up!! You can also check them out on Kait's site http://www.kaitlynsmithphoto.photoreflect.com/

Oh, about the meal I mentioned earlier.....this is all you need to see to understand what I'm talking about.

What a great pic of the guys and their dad!!

Kait, Scout, and Mr. Dale (Kait's Dad) taking a little ride.

We had a great time.....too bad it is so far. It makes me appreciate Brook and Kait always coming up here. Thanks for having us ya'll and we can't wait to see you again soon.

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Kait said...

Ok did you just post this and back date it? I've been checking all week (I always check EVERY single day) and it just showed up....
I miss yall already!!