Thursday, July 16, 2009

They Beat Pete!!

So if you aren't from around here and don't watch News Channel 11....let me explain. There is this sports guy Pete who challenges local folks or in this case we challenged him. I'm not sure who contacted him but it was to promote the 65th Annual Earth Rodeo. It's a pretty fun time and I think they've added some new stuff this year.

Go here to watch, it is the ribbon roping one.

I need to learn how to do those little link things, I know!


NieNie and Goose said...

That's hilarious!!! Nothing like the Earth Rodeo!!

Tandy Adams said...

The funniest part is you laughing in the background the whole time!

Tandy Adams said...

LOVE, LOVE the new background!

Tandy Adams said...

Hey Tori! Email me at Thank you so much for keeping the boys... let me know how it's going!