Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Time

This past week I've had quite a bit to do at Brad's and I think I went there every single day for 7 days. We did find time for the simple things of summer.......swimming and cooking out. for those of you who didn't know about my job let me explain. I work for a guy here in town that owns a manure spreading business. He is a hoot and we tease each other unmercifully. So I never say that I'm at work or going to work, instead I just call it Brad's.

This picture of Trail going down the slide cracks me up!

Scout and Autumn also went down the slide. I was there to sort of catch her when they landed. She didn't go under just a big splash in the face, but it didn't bother her a bit.

Scout really likes the water. It is funny because she doesn't cling to you or seem to care if you are holding her or not. She tries to dive forward and sometimes gets a little drink of that yummy water.

This is Tripp & Keith at the camp site on the Cain (Gibson) Ranch. We have a good time cooking and playing games out there. (More on the game subject to follow.) I'm not sure if I've mentioned anything about Keith. He and his wife, Linda, are moving here to Earth. Actually he's been here awhile and she'll be here soon. Keith started working for my dad about the time I was born. He worked for him off and on for a number of years. Keith is like family.

We had fewer people than we usually do, so we had a little relay race. Hope and Trail ran down the hill to Tripp and Riley, they ran over to Autumn and I, then we ran up the hill to the big sage bush. This is Autumn and I waiting for Tripp and Riley. If you look closely you can barely see Riley behind the soap weed.

This is Riley handing off to me. Where is Tripp? (He's my brother I can tease him if I want, he sure doesn't hold back with me.)

This is me headed up the hill. you see how much head start I had right? She almost caught me and would have if it had been 10 yards further. I should be going out there to work out.

Fun Times!!


Me.. said...

Oooooh Tori! Your ARE a great Momma! That is hilarious!

Kait said...

Haha - she even makes dirt look good! :)